Tuesday, August 29, 2017

How to get over a cold/cough fast!

I have recently just gotten over a cold/cough. I want to share with you a few things you can do to cope and get better fast!

1. Make sleep a priority.
2. Listen to your body and take it easy (use this time to catch up on your favorite shows or read a book).
3. Use essential oils like peppermint on your chest & feet (Mix with a carrier oil if your skin is sensitive). Did you know that Oregano oil acts like an antibiotic? Mix it with a carrier oil and rub it on your feet twice a day. 
4. Take a shower or bath daily. Wash away those germs. Pamper yourself.
5. Get outside in the sun. Vitamin D heals.
6. Change your pillow case every other day. Germs linger.
7. Eat raw local honey twice a day. This works wonders for coughs. 
8. Blow your nose and get those boogies out, so they don't go down in your lungs. If you have phlegm in your lungs, cough it out and spit it out. (I know, yuck!)
9. Limit sugars and processed foods.
10. Focus on nutrients. Eat lots of fruits, vegetables, broths, etc. Eat easy to digest foods, so your body can focus on healing your sickness and not so much digesting foods. 
11. Take a multi vitamin and vitamin C daily.
12. Drink lots of water, citrus juices (diluted in water), herbal tea, etc. 
13. Stretch and do gentle exercises
14. Practice rebounding (jumping up and down) to get your lymphatic system flowing. Your immune system and Lymphatic system are connected. 
15. Think positive thoughts, positivity raises your spirits and creates less gloom and doom. ;)

Do you have anything that you have done to get over a cold fast? Share in the comments below.