Friday, July 24, 2015

Tomatoes are good for the Heart

Some people say that if produce is shaped like a part of the 

body, it's good for it. So tomatoes must be good for the 



Peach Refresher

This is tonights smoothie with our dinner. Tastes like it could be straight off the menu at Jamba Juice. Water, frozen peaches, pomegranate, grapes, carrots. So refreshing!

Recipe by: Me


Hey everyone! I love eating healthy and feeding my family (5 kids & A husband) nutritious food as well. I started posting food pictures and recipes on and then onto Facebook (my personal account) and then onto Instagram (my personal account). I would now like to share my recipes with you on this blog. I love food! But, most of all I love the way healthy food makes me feel...energetic, clarity of mind, happy, and strong.